dimanche 8 juillet 2012


the 11th labour: FLOCKING and the 12th labour ( short): PLAYING

the material choice Beards????? Rocks????????

sorry !
the step by step with few comments

some other exemples of basing

the biblical camp

the ancient camp ( some fish home converted;-) )

the holiday's inn

the trekking party

and it was made.

a gift of my friends Zipophil and Nico for one of my birthday anniversaries

the sacrifial camp of my friend Zipophil for his Aztec army ( He's the more innovative builder of stunning sceneries for camps, inspiring battle grounds and conversions of figures, meet him for a game and you will know why I say that.) 

and now the Final labour of thefrenchjester's Dodekhateon: PLAYING

just one picture of a game with a friend at the club ( the Impala to say who he is ;-) )
a Rome and Carthage classic encounter:

you can find a batrep on blog of Seb of London ;-) with some of my last painted figures ( ok I painted many more figures since this weekend;-) ) for a friendly game when he came back for a short visit

a cool blog with many subjects of choice;

that's all for the moment after this 12 labours, I will take few time for painting for changing;-)
hope you found it not too boring;

Be seeing you ! ;-)

3 commentaires:

Ray Rousell a dit…

Not boring at all! Its always good to see how others base up their figures. Love the Holiday camp!!

thefrenchjester a dit…

thanks Ray;

still have rooms for vacancy;-)

Best Regards.

Gilles " the unmasked french jester"

Monty a dit…

Wow! I love your camps and the tent is tops. I wish I had your imagination. I get to the camp for an army and often just move onto my next project because I can't think of anything clever or find the right mix of figs and materials.

Great stuff!