lundi 2 juillet 2012

John Hawkwood !

Here is John Hawkwood !
25mn to paint him including the paint choice and the pics( taking the pics was the longest part of the process;-)

painting on a black undercoat, a different approach of the hobby:

first choosing the paint pots: ok done!
then the step by step:
a carefully light drybrush of the new "Dry" of citadel with a small paintbrush, yes I like to use it!
the basecoat of medium grey, only one row!!!

the black chevron

the saddle in dark leather

first highlight only one row !!!

saddle and protection highlighting

the last highlighting of white on grey,  I 'm fond of this triad!

the scabbard in dark blue

the wooden part of his weapon

some small dots of light blue on the scabbard

highlighting the wood

basing the few visible parts of the horse

the highlighting with a red leather

the ground in snakebite leather, yes, I still have some pots of it;-)

the finished base before the varnish and basing section

to be continued........

5 commentaires:

Ray Rousell a dit…

Very nice!!! keep it up!

marco a dit…

super gilles
comme disait arlety, en la paraphrasant...
"mon coeur est français mais mon pinceau est international"
j'aimerai bien trouver un bon roman sur john hawkwood genre "la compagnie blanche"
quelle vie !
à bientôt

tamsin, i love you !

Monty a dit…

Beautiful! I'm really enjoying your series. I've kind of fallen in a rut and been doing things the same way for awhile so I appreciate seeing your priming, inking and painting techniques.

thefrenchjester a dit…

Thanks Monty, your blog inspired me for my FOG Ottoman turkish army and I'm thinking on the Hungarians too;

Best regards.

gilles " the unmasked thefrenchjester"

Ono Six a dit…

Salut toi ! Non seulement tu peins mais en plus tu écris... Merci pour les tutos : on en veut d'autres!