lundi 2 juillet 2012


Hi ,
the 8th labour: PAINTING
plan your paint process, prepare all the paint pots you will need and all your tools ( wet palette, paint brush , etc ....)

this time it will be the standard bearer of John Hawkwood ( He 'll come later ;-) )
each picture has the paint pot reference behind the figure, it seems to have many and many steps in the painting process at first sight but when I do it  in series of 8 or 16 figures (sometimes up to 32)in one row, it's a "very fast and easy to do "process, giving fast and "not too bad"results;

ok now the pics in my process order

the horse is finished, now the horseman

four dots of light flesh on the face, to highlight it, the picture is not very good, on the others below you will see it better, sorry;

the horseman is finished, now the banner!

now He will wait his boss before going to the basing area;

here is a pic of the wet palette with all the colors on it, it will be used on the other horsemen already inked;

 I hope it was clear, not too boring and you liked, all comments will be appreciated even those on my poor English wording;-)

to be continued......

in the next message the arrival of John Hawkwood on the painting table!


3 commentaires:

sebastosfig a dit…

donc tu veux faire du Free company... ben voyons, je me demande d'ou t'est venue l'idee ;)

Bon, j'ai essaye ta technique, super, ca marche nickel et ca va vite en effet.

Merci a toi.

Par contre, tu crois que ca vaut le coup l'unite de Hvy arty sur nos petites tables face a des armees de pietons? Et l'unite de cav avge armoured en embuscade?

thefrenchjester a dit…

Salut Seb,

non c'est sa période italienne avec Florence;-)
l'artillerie c'est surtout de l'intoxet un BG pas cher;-)
non l'embuscade avec des cv average
c'est la mauvaise idée, enfin je crois????
à part ça c'est compréhensible mon Anglais de base ?

sebastosfig a dit…

ton Anglais est largement suffisant et comprehensible. Aucun souci de ce cote la.

Et merci pour tes avis