dimanche 8 juillet 2012



here is the 10th labour: BASING

the material to have a neutral base for many countries and periods

the mixed result 
the desert choice

the mixed result for other syles of countries

don't forget that darker is the color of your mix and lesser the figures will be visible or more you will have to highlight the bases, do a try on a spare base before; 

"super glue" the figures on their base( ready made or self made it's up to you)

paint the base in a darker color than the finish you will put on it

put the mixed pumice on the bases ( the real color mix is less reddish than on the pics)

highlight the bases with a lighter color

just to see how it can change with a small work the base

the tip of the day: if you want to slow down the drying process of the mixed basing material :
Put the pot of mixed pumice in a plastic bag well closed and open it only when needed.

next post you will have the 11th labour, to be continued....................

2 commentaires:

sebastosfig a dit…

bon, en gros, ta condotta est terminee... Faudra mettre les photos des unites ;)

Monty a dit…

I really appreciate you sharing. I've always used sand for basing and once, I used Vallejo's Desert Sand paste. I found it to be too fiddly and thick but your pumice looks thinner and easier to apply. What do you use to apply it with?

I really like the looks of your bases. Jester, could you shoot me an email? My email is in my profile.