jeudi 5 juillet 2012



Here is the 9th labour: VARNISHING
firstly the tools
I use the first on the left  for my 28mm figures, it gives me the result I want, a smooth finish;

I use the one in the middle on my inked 15mm figures it gives a good finish, not too shiny and it hides the defaults of the painting process;

I use the one on the right side in small amount on my 15mm figures, and only on few bases each time because I had some nasty surprises sometimes with it ( whitened figures, white dots on the figures during the winter), and only after a long time of shaking the spray can, a minimum of 5 mn and only the weather is cool, otherwise I use the one in the middle;

so now the picture in order the matt effect:
then the satin effect:

then GW effect:
to be continued.........

in the near future you will know the 10th labour  

4 commentaires:

Ray Rousell a dit…

Great looking troops, they all look very nice!

Rosbif a dit…

I prefer my figures to have a matt finish, but the majority have turned out satin!

Lovely figures, as Ray says.

marco a dit…

very nice mister gilles
plus de photos !

sebastosfig a dit…

dis donc, on t'arrete plus pour les posts ;)

Bravo, tuto tres utiles