lundi 9 juillet 2012

Medieval update


Here is John Hawkwood and he is ready for battle, I also painted a more generic later medieval commander base and a group of knights ( the paint was on the wet palette, so I painted some more knights yesterday evening and based them this morning ;-) )

I hope you like them;

4 commentaires:

Monty a dit…

Great looking bunch! What is the leafy flock you use in your basing? I really like it.

thefrenchjester a dit…

Hi Monty,

I use an old flock from Games Workshop, they don't sell it by now,
I have found the same texture in the Army battlefield scenics from their webstore, they call it " grass green flock " , the long flock is from the BUSCH railway modelling range the code is 1302 for this style of flock, you can find it on Amazon, the downside is that ,the price has increased of 10 euros since March 2012 when it was only 18.99 euros the large sheet of 21cmx29cm, there is two available for the moment.
here is my mail adress for faster replies: gillesw01@free(dot)fr (it's a zero not a O ;-) )

Best regards

thefrenchjester (gilles when masked)

Feodalfig a dit…

Jolie peinture !!

Tu vas jouer Condottiere ou compagnie franche ?

Monty a dit…

Thanks sir!

And by the way, I just saw your Ottomans and Free Company armies. They look fantastic!