jeudi 29 novembre 2012

and the Winner is !

Hi ,

I won two Liebster Awards! yeeahhhhhh !!!!!!!!! Adrian !!!!!!!!!!!

 Monty from USA( ) awarded me, I very proud of this nomination, he is a nice guy, his blog is so inspirational for me, thanks Mate!
 the other Award is from my mate Sebastien( ) a nice french guy ( yes there's some ;-) )he gave me the kick ass that pushed me to "blog" more.below you will find a small pic of the french painters connection and the links to their blogs and websites
Hobby one: Fred The Boss, a master painter 
La petite armée:  Boris His right arm ;-) a master painter too
Marcofwar 2 : Marco the exiled painter ;-) the oil master painter
Backtotheminis:Sebastien another exiled painter;-) able to mix all painting techniques
FIGS: le blog de Thierry, one my club mate, the inspirational painter and inspired, painting by projects from 10mm to 28mm
Custodes : my prefered serial painter ;-) nobody is faster than him with a brush, the more productive painter I know and if  you read the French, all his battle reports worth their weight of peanuts ;-)
Zoom13: my old chap ;-), companion of my Britcon travels, another serial painter with all types of commentaries with bad jokes, killing jokes, good jokes and jokes he should sometimes skip ;-)
I put his uk index for the international followers ;-)

I hope you'll like their blogs;

and now I must ride the wave ;-)

here is the 5 Liebster Awards I give to the Guys I don't know personnally ( to be impartial ;-) ) and  who promote the Hobby; 

1. the first one is for Simon " Buy his figures! ;-) from Lurkio, his 15mm are amazing !
2. the second for Alex of Studio Tomahawk a nice Guy who works very hard to promote our hobby in France
3.the third for James " campaign master " the only one I know able to conduct a campaign to the finish , have look around his inspirational blog
4. the fourth to Olddorg from the metal mountain, have a look to his steps by steps, he's a Master painter using oils and acrylics
5.the fifth to Greg "the project Master" he shares lot of his time with newbies to promote the hobby through  his projects in the conventions and game events;

all my apologises to all my friends and bloggers I follow , not naming them, but they know I like them and all they do ;

Be seeing you ;-)


5 commentaires:

Ray Rousell a dit…

Nice one!!!!

Monty a dit…

Well deserved, Rocky! And now I'm off to find and follow even more blogs!

If I spend all my time admiring and reading blogs, how will I find time to paint? ;-)

thefrenchjester a dit…

Hi Ray,


best regards


thefrenchjester a dit…

Hi Monty,

less time to sleep more time to paint ;-)


Gilles " garage ink! ;-) "

PF a dit…

Why am I not in the gang of your french painter buddies? :( You broke my heart, sniff, sniff...