dimanche 29 décembre 2013

Dive "dip"! Die young!


Des fois, il nous vient de drôles  d'idées le matin, j'ai decidé de donner une seconde chance à des figurines que j'avais laissé de côté après les avoir sous couchées ("the forgotten sons"), et des figurines que m'ont été données par un ami ( merci Nicolas).

Sometimes , it comes to our minds some curious ideas, I have decided to give a second chance to old figures I undercoated years ago ("the forgotten sons"), and figures that one of my friends (thanks Nicolas) gave to me.

reworked on them,  after changing the spears, reundundercoated in white (yes, directly on old paint),  then a short diving in the Jester's bath (the ink pot is behind as a reminder of the color chosen).
prochaine étape, les peindre pour de vrai cette fois!
next step! painting them for real this time!
Be seeing you;-)

samedi 28 décembre 2013

An alternative to the Turkish Bath!

Salut ,

Une incursion dans l'intimité du Frenchjester, une visite de sa salle de bain!
An incursion in the intimacy of the Frenchjester, a tour in his bathroom!

some soap
1.5 litres d'eau (water) 
0.5 litres de medium matt (matt medium)
   8 pots d'encres Daler Rowney (8 ink pots)
un grand recipient assez grand pour le tout
a great container, big enough to contain the mix.
prêt pour le plongeon!
ready to dive!a new forbidden experiment Monty and perhaps the tool of the year 2014!
more pics are following, stay tuned;-)

Be seeing you;-)

samedi 21 décembre 2013

the Entry Fee for the 4th Challenge is done!

Hi ,

This time the comments will be in French for the English readers all will be on Curt 's Blog.

Be seeing You;-)

je reviens à la VF sur le blog;-)
donc voici les photos de ce que je peins pour le Challenge de Curt, il fallait lui peindre une figurine qui rappelle le film de Sam Peckinpah "La horde Sauvage"
ma figurine de Tuco, revisitée avec des accessoires de boite Bolt Action;

Bonjour chez Vous ;-)

dimanche 15 décembre 2013

Muttley's gone to Heaven !

Hi All,

a Pixies title for the Wild Bunch launch Day!Good Luck to all the Challengers !
Be seeing You ;-)
Salut à Tous,
c'est parti !
le Challenge  a commencé !
pour le suivre il faut aller en premier sur le Blog 
Curt aura les photos en exclusivité pendant 48 heures avant que je les poste et c'est Curt qui gèrera le décompte des points.
bon faut que j'y aille peindre, j'ai déjà pris du retard ;-)
Bonjour chez Vous ;-)

samedi 7 décembre 2013

Muttley is coming !


Muttley is my Jester's Marotte for The Wild Bunch Annual Challenge as you can see and he has a great plan of a Hunnic style!

My main painting palette is ready ! Please don't Laugh!

and more Seriously some undercoated stuff for the Challenge

the good old figures from Dixon, they were on my unpainted lead pile since at least 15 years, now it's time for them to have a try on the"RONIN" Rules from Osprey.

Be seeing You ;-)

jeudi 28 novembre 2013

The Wild Launch Day minus 18


just a small update, this time it's time to pay the price ;-)

The entry Fee is prepped, glued on his base,and undercoated, ready for the slaughter!
a liberally interpretation of The Wild Bunch' characters.
at least if I'll be unable to paint the 500 points, I'll pay the Entry Fee to Curt's Challenge.

To be continued.........

Be seeing You ;-)

dimanche 24 novembre 2013

The Wild Launch Day Minus 21


The Jester is working hard for the Challenge.

Stay tuned!

Be seeing You ;-)

samedi 23 novembre 2013

lundi 18 novembre 2013

The Wild Launch Day minus 27


starting the Challenge with a cleaned area is Important!

on the left side: the old and new citadel paints.
in the middle : the basic palette I use from the Vallejo paints, the other Vallejo paint  pots are in a plastic box in the ground.
on the right side: the foundry paint system  for my 28mm
on the top a plank that I will use to put the figures of Challenge.
and a "dried" Wet palette
then I m'getting to the next step.

Be seeing You ;-)

samedi 16 novembre 2013

The Wild Launch Day minus 28

 A big thank to Monty, Ray and Loki for their support.
I wish a Good Luck to Ray, Loki and all the entrants in the Challenge!
"The Wild Launch Day minus 28": choosing some figures in my unpainted lead pile.
Be seeing You;-) 

The Wild Launch Day minus 29 !


This evening I enter for the first time in an international Painting Challenge:
all the détails are on the blog of Curt the organiser, Umpire, checker, ass kicker of the fourth annual Challenge

My goal is to paint at least 500points and have fun doing that Wacky Race.

a big thank to him!

The jester(on the left) and his Coach (on the right) already preparing a paint planning.

Be seeing You ;-)


jeudi 17 octobre 2013



De retour sur mon blog, le bouffon retourne à la table de peinture pour la bonne cause c'est à dire la sienne !
il s'est peint lui même sur sa monture qu'il a appelé Ravioli, allez savoir pourquoi ????

Hi ,

Back on the blog, the jester is back at the paint desk to paint Himself on his mount !

The paint pots I used for the figure 

Be seeing you;-)

dimanche 8 septembre 2013

Dried inspiration! ou La page blanche!

Salut ,

de retour sur la blogosphère et de vraies questions se posent à moi;
cet été j'ai fait ça!
Me this summer ;-)
depuis que je travaille les weekend ( pas de tournois, pas de d'échanges avec les amis ou presque) pas d'inspiration et pas de projets en vue!
j'ai fait beaucoup d'expérimentations avec des encres sur bases blanches, des essais de spray Liquitex de différentes couleurs avec des résultats mitigés voire très décevants même si on peut toujours en tirer des leçons;
je cherche mes boites de Motivex!
revenir aux fondamentaux voilà peut être la solution!

since I work the weekend (no tournaments, no exchanges with friends or almost) no inspiration and no plans to!

I did a lot of experiments with ink of different brands on white bases, testing spray Liquitex of different colors with mixed to very disappointing results even though you can always learn;

I try to find my Movitex boxes!

back to basics here may be the solution!

Be seeing You;-)


lundi 1 juillet 2013

Field of Glory AM V2 battle report

very busy at my new work so  I'm out of the blogosphere ( few comments and time spent on the web sorry Mates!), but still painting a few sorry my Honey wife;-) )

here is a new battle report we played at the club with my friend Laurent, He wanted to play his Later Russian Army to have a try with  the FIELD OF GLORY  AM V2 so I picked up my Later Ottoman Turkish Army and we met each other in the great plains of Moldavia, he surprised me before I could finish to put  my earthworks completly, to protect my Janissaries ( in reality I forgot to put my 7 fortifications on the table, Fu***** idiot I am! ;-) )
Laurent won the initiative and kept it ;
my plan was to turn around one flank with my delis and my akinjis, protected by my anatolian timariots ( now they are average and far less agressive;-( )

the Janissaries and the reserve of Serbians behind them in the centre, my left flank only covered by the "poor" Azab archers and handgunners ( ok I should say cover by nothing ;-) )

so here the pics of this epic battle where Laurent was "Very , Very" unlucky ( and the word is weak !)

the deployement:
 the russian left flank
the russian vanguard 
 the russian strike force

 the russian militia protecting the russian camp
 the turkish attack
 the first pursuit
 the turkish center
 the poor azab archers hidden in the rough
the second wave of arrows exchanged with no effect on each other
 the russian strike force advancing in the center
 the russian right wing advancing to crush th the Janissaries
 the second turkish attack on my right flank
 the centre before the impact
 the impact !
 the anatolian "average" timariots facing the boyars
 the fight between the boyars and the " not so Superior!"roumeliots
 you can see far behind the main battle the delis and akinjis pursuing the russian lights and running in the direction of the russian camp to sack it;
 the " Inspired" Sultan tried to stop the roumeliot from behind with the support of the Qapu Kalki guardsmen ( inspired because he left them just before they break;-) )
 the serbian ally intervening in the middle of the two Janissaries battle groups to save them!

 a view from the "Hill!"I speak about the guy who took pics ( in fact of me I should say ;-))
 the desperate serbian charge!
 the turkish centre falling bak in good order ;-)

 the " more than Lucky" serbian ally victorious against all odds and statistics!
the Janissaries lost two bases from shooting twice " 3 hits, and of course 2 "one" not losing morale with the " inspired" Sultan encouraging them;
 the battle  ended with the nightfall ! a marginal victory for the Sultan mainly due to his dice throws ( He will surely pay it ;-) )
 a big thank to My friend Laurent for this  Friendly game !

sorry for the French readers of the blog, I'm too Lazy to translate in french this battle report for the moment ;-)

Be seeing You;-)

the" Lazy"frenchjester