jeudi 17 janvier 2013

what's new Pussycat??


petite mise à jour du projet Kulm 1813 avec l'infanterie de ligne de la 2 ème division du corps de Vandamme
les 21ème , 51ème et 57ème surnommé "le terrible"

a little update of the Kulm 1813 project with the french line regiments of the 2nd division of Vandamme corps;

hope you'll like them;

Be seeing you;-)

thefrenchjester " Tom Jones get out of me! ;-) "

6 commentaires:

Phil a dit…

Un très bel ensemble...Vive l'Empereur!

Monty a dit…

These look great Gilles! Does this mean you're now playing FoGN? Inquiring minds want to know!

thefrenchjester a dit…

Hi Monty,

thanks for the coments;-)
I'm still not playing FOGN, at least next weekend in Brussels in Belgium,I registered for the tournament without reading the rules, no training games and the figures not painted ;-) by now the rules are more or less learned, and the army nearly painted , just around 100 figures to paint, Iwill discover the game at the tournament ;-)
Imust begin one day afterall ;-)


gilles " FOGN newbie "

thierry a dit…

P... c'est toujours aussi superbe !
15mm, 28mm, antique, médiéval, napo tout est au top...

Ono6 a dit…

Elles sont magnifiques Gilles. Va falloir que je fasse fort pour ne pas faire tâche.

Monty a dit…

There is a fellow in our club who is working on enough FoG N for a few of us to play. I'm looking forward to trying it and make sure to tell us what you think!

Good luck!