mardi 26 février 2013

Du renfort et des cheveux ;-)

Des renforts pour mon armée Egyptienne 28mm et quelques cheveux longs;-)
il restait quelques figurines de piétons Hittites à peindre pour pouvoir les socler, voilà c'est fait;

more recruits for 28mm Egyptian army and some long hairs ;-)
I needed to paint few figures of Hittite footmen to base them, it's done;



more to follow ..... 

Be seeing you ;-)

5 commentaires:

Phil a dit…

J'ai peur de me répéter, mais ces figurines sont vraiment magnifiques, du super boulot!

sebastosfig a dit…

pfff. tu m'enerves a peindre le 28 aussi bien ;)

Monty a dit…

Gilles, there isn't enough room in this box to say all the things I'd like to say so I'll sum it up:
1. Beautiful, so beautiful!
2. You have such a good eye for color.
3. You have a wonderful style of painting. I'm going to pitch the Dallimore book and wait for you to post more!

thefrenchjester a dit…

Hi Guys,

thanks for your kind comments;'s not me! it's him who thrown the rock !!!!! ;-)
2.I use more and more intensively the chromatic circle, perhaps it will begin to work not too bad, I hope so;-)
3. it's not my style and you know who I try to forge ;-) you said his name ;-) be careful of the rock throwers ;-) and you have his books near your bed;-)

Have a nice day !



marco a dit…

merci gilles
en ce moment j'ai l'esprit occupé
alors ça fait du bien de voir du bel ouvrage comme ça