mardi 12 février 2013

Volontaires !

Salut ,

petite mise à jour de mon armée Egyptienne Nouveau Royaume avec l'arrivée des volontaires enthousiastes entrainés par les locaux ;-)


A small update of my New Kingdom Egyptian Army with the arrival of the enthousiastics volonteers drilled or "trained" by the locals ;-)

à suivre.....
more to follow....
Be seeing you ;-) 

7 commentaires:

sebastosfig a dit…

ils sont toujours aussi excellents

Phil a dit…

Magnifiques! J'aime beaucoup le premier stand...

fireymonkeyboy a dit…

Love the "volunteers" ;) You've got a real knack for telling a story in a small space.

thefrenchjester a dit…

thanks guys!



Moi a dit…

Bravo Gilles,
Belle peinture.
Encore un effort et ton armée sera au complet pour le 10 mars.

Monty a dit…

Wonderful work, Gilles. The first base looks like how I feel every Monday!

This is a gorgeous army with all of the color and flourishes you put onto each figure.

thefrenchjester a dit…

Hi Monty,

thaks Monty;
perhaps you could try to begin your week of work disguised as a carrot on a field like some of my nubians, it will help you to have a better start, at least it could put a smile on the face of your colleagues ;-)
perhaps I should try to do it also ;-)

Gilles " what's up doc? ;-)"