lundi 18 mars 2013

FOG Napoleonic the end of the Kulm 1813


le projet Kulm 1813 est prêt ( Olivier, je suis ton Homme! )
restera plus que quelques bricoles pour faire joli;

whipped and stimulated by the magnificent Napoleonic Batrep of Ray (thanks a lot Ray;-))
I put the pics of the FOG Napoleonic project " Kulm 1813 "

and to Begin: a vignette of the " petit caporal " and his bodyguards followed by Roustan the mamelouk

then the 1st corps of Vandamme 
the commanders and the chasseurs d 'Anhalt
the ADC's
the french infantry
the french artillery
the LOC
stay tuned .....
Be seeing you ;-)

4 commentaires:

Monty a dit…

Your French army is lovely! I especially love the command stands and the artillery must have taken forever with all the limbers and horses.

I have a friend who has promised to demo FoG Napoleonics. I want to try it right now, thanks to you. Make sure to give us a full report when you get a chance!

Bibopx a dit…

Superbe boulot! La masse d'infanterie est impressionnante.

sebastosfig a dit…

superbe travail mon Gillou.

Bravo a toi.


Phil a dit…

Très beau travail...les commandements sont parfaits!