lundi 11 mars 2013

the battle of the 100 chariots!


un lien vers la bataille des 100 chariots du dimanche 10 Mars 2013

just above a link to the pics of the battle of 100 charoiots we played this week end, sorry! all the comments are in French but to resume the day, there was the league of the north (the Hittites Mycenians and Cannanites) against the league of the south (Sumerians, South Canaanites and Egyptians) a grand total of 12000 points of WAB2.0 and 100 hundred chariots on one table, a great and enjoyable day !

Be seeing you;-)

2 commentaires:

Monty a dit…


100 chariots and all of those troops in 28mm? FANTASTIC! That was an epic battle, Gilles! You fellows sure know how to paint and put on a game.

sebastosfig a dit…

franchement ca devait etre quelque chose