dimanche 3 mars 2013

un et un qui font huit !


2 chariots de plus pour mon armée Egyptienne 28mm;
reste 18 archers Egyptiens et 21 Lybiens pour le 10 Mars, ça va être court!


2 chariots for 28mm Egyptian Army;
still have to paint 18 Egyptian archers and 21 lybians for March 10th, it will be short!

more to follow....

Be seeing you ;-)

3 commentaires:

Monty a dit…

Wondeful work, Gilles! Your chariots are a treat to look at with the lovely colors and triads. I bet they'll be a terror on the tabletop in AdG!

50 figures left? You must forsake all for the brush and live the life of a hermit until then.

I wish AdG would be released in English. I've love to try it. See if you can put in a good word for us fellows across the ocean. ;-)

thefrenchjester a dit…

Hi Monty,

thanks for your support;
in ADG they will not have a long career, I'll play more figures to play them in WAB2.0 and FOGv2;
the can of "hermit painter" could be very useful to paint so many figures in so few time;-)

ADG is a too small size game to be used in the long run, it's a micro tactical playing game like DBM, the only cool things in ADG are the speed that you can build and paint armies and the shortness of the games;
I frankly prefer FOG even if it frustrates me and I lose so much ;-);
I return to the paint desk, I think I'm expected there ;-)



Phil a dit…

Fabuleux, une (ou plutôt deux) nouvelle fois...bravo!