lundi 22 avril 2013

A message to you Monty ;-)

Hi ,
a tribute to the Specials for the title and a big up to My friend Monty who is working very hard to enter in the Saga, I really like his painting work he does on his Dark Ages figures;  

here they are ! the Norse Gael from Saga painted for my Friend Alex the owner of Comitatus ( buy his products ! ;-) )
he will do the flocking to match the figures  he already got in his collection;


I mainly painted them with the new citadel paints range, I'm more than happy with the result, the shields  are coming from Littlebigmenstudio dark ages range, the smaller ones are hand painted ( I should say painted with a brush;-) )  ;

Salut ,

voici les figurines d'Hiberno nordiques que j'ai peint pour mon Ami Alex de Comitatus ( achetez ses produits;-) ), il fera le flocage lui même pour qu'ils soient soclés pareils que les siens;
je les ai principalement peint avec les nouvelles peintures citadel, je suis plutôt content;
les boucliers sont des Littlebigmenstudio et les plus petits sont peints à la main ( ou plutôt au pinceau je devrais dire ;-)   
Be seeing You;-)

4 commentaires:

sebastosfig a dit…

bravou Gilles.
Elles sont superbes (comme d'hab quoi)

Ray Rousell a dit…

Great looking figures!

Phil a dit…

Une très belle armée!

Monty a dit…

Gilles! Oh my, this is a wonderful-looking bunch! Thanks for posting them up. Your friend Alex is very lucky to get such a finely painted warband. I hope they fight as well as they look!

I have too many questions to fit into a comment box so I'll be bothering you via email. :-)