lundi 29 avril 2013

Roma not Victor once more !

une nouvelle bataille de la seconde guerre punique, une nouvelle victoire d'Hannibal ( mes amis Nicolas et Philippe)!
another battle with my friends Nicolas and Philippe

les armées déployées rome côté gauche , Carthage côté droit
the deployement
les troupes Romaines et Carthaginoises se font face
the ennemies facing each other


les unités de Carthage de près
the Carthaginian review of the troops
les images de la bataille
the battle
lourde défaite Romaine une fois de plus mais nous reviendrons ....Delenda Carthago!
another defeat but we will be back ;-)
Be seeing You;-)

7 commentaires:

fireymonkeyboy a dit…

Great looking figures and game!

Monty a dit…

Beautiful! I saw many gorgeous scratch-painted shields. Good work, both of you! Was this Field of Glory or perhaps Arte de la guerre?

Ray Rousell a dit…

Great looking troops and a very nice game!

Phil a dit…

Les figurines sont absolument magnifiques!!

thefrenchjester a dit…

Thanks Mates,
yes, Nicolas is really good painter;
Hi Monty,
it was a Field of Glory game, in "Art De la Guerre" we only had a quarter of the troops involved in this battle, Nicolas, Philippe and me like to put many figures on table so we prefer to play FOG even they are not fond of the ruleset but ADG is a too small format and it don't give a feeling of a battle when you see it;


Engel a dit…

Spectacular gaming pictures.

I really wish my gaming buddies would be interested in getting into ancients and gaming like this.

Francis Lee a dit…

Fantastic stuff!