lundi 18 novembre 2013

The Wild Launch Day minus 27


starting the Challenge with a cleaned area is Important!

on the left side: the old and new citadel paints.
in the middle : the basic palette I use from the Vallejo paints, the other Vallejo paint  pots are in a plastic box in the ground.
on the right side: the foundry paint system  for my 28mm
on the top a plank that I will use to put the figures of Challenge.
and a "dried" Wet palette
then I m'getting to the next step.

Be seeing You ;-)

7 commentaires:

Monty Luhmann a dit…

Nice setup, Gilles! I need a "paint bench" like yours. Mine are just sprawled across the table in a big mess.

sebastien gimeno a dit…

Kesseke tu vas nous peindre...

James Brewerton a dit…

Great set up, I guess you are never short of a color. Needs to get a bit dirty now though
Peace James

peter a dit…

Everything is well organised! Now where are the figures stored! :-D


Monty Luhmann a dit…

Ok, is that a Magic 8 Ball I see perched near the lamp? If I had one, I'd ask it "what should I paint?"

thefrenchjester a dit…

Hi Monty " sharp eye!",

you're right! that is !
but it doesn't give any good answer to the questions on our Hobby;-)
it said: yes! when I asked it if I have to buy more paint pots;-)


Gilles " Number 8 "

Monty Luhmann a dit…

LOL! Your bench inspired me to go paint bench hunting. This is a bit embarrassing to admit but at the Reaper forum, a couple people recommended a nail polish bench that holds 78 Vallejo paints. And is dirt cheap.

So I ordered it. He's hoping my wife doesn't want to "share" the new bench.