samedi 7 décembre 2013

Muttley is coming !


Muttley is my Jester's Marotte for The Wild Bunch Annual Challenge as you can see and he has a great plan of a Hunnic style!

My main painting palette is ready ! Please don't Laugh!

and more Seriously some undercoated stuff for the Challenge

the good old figures from Dixon, they were on my unpainted lead pile since at least 15 years, now it's time for them to have a try on the"RONIN" Rules from Osprey.

Be seeing You ;-)

4 commentaires:

Ray Rousell a dit…

he he he he he he heeeeeeeee!

Andrew Saunders a dit…

Chuckles, and grins :)

Monty Luhmann a dit…

Gilles! I've never used Liquitex before. I'll be curious to see how or when you put it to use.

Oh, and your paint bench inspired me to finally find one of my own. So thanks for that.

Sebastien G a dit…


Bon, je vois que tu es pret.