mardi 25 novembre 2014



This time there's only pole and nobody else ;-)

Mikolaj TRABA the Archibishop of Poland
then the Goncza banner ( the yellow lithuanian cross on the blue field) with Jan of Tarnow

the same, more detailed

Be seeing you;-)

mercredi 19 novembre 2014

Travelling in the East!


Here is the Grand Marshal of Poland :
Zbigniew of Brzezie
The Voivode Georges Castriotes Scanderberg of Albania

A Voivode of Wallachia 

Some light cavalry from Hungary

more on the painting table and more to come  very soon !

be seeing you;-)

jeudi 13 novembre 2014


Hi all,

A small update on my forgotten blog:
This is three Kings out !
the first is especially for Monty, yes I finally began my Later Hungarian army for FOG AM.
Mathias Corvinus and his handmade and handpainted flag ( haven't found one that fits my taste).

 the second is Ladislas II Jagellon or III ( it's up to me;-)), for Grunwald or Varna.
the flags are coming from the excellent website Krisspil ( just resized them on word sheet). 

 and the third is an Aragonese king of the XVth, I will see what to do with him in the near future.

 I will try to present some others little things I painted (or repainted) this last weeks very soon.

and a joke for the French fans of " Les Tontons Flingueurs " a french movie on the old gangsters with a typical language of the parisian in the sixties.

Be seeing you.

j'ai connu une polonaise qui en prenait au petit déjeuner!
note bien c'est plutôt une boisson d'homme!

 Bonjour chez vous ;-)

vendredi 7 novembre 2014

Anti Hero of the Day!

                          V image by GChiny @ Deviantart

Salut à Tous,

Me voilà de retour à la table de peinture et sur le net grâce à Curt !

Hi all,

here I am again on the playground for the Challenge organised by Curt ! ( a big thank to him !)

this year the theme is the Anti Heroes, the Rogues and Villains
follow the link below to see  the rules and book in it if you're interested (Monty, if you read this ;-)) or if you want follow the challenge.

Now, the question will be : is Thefrenchjester an Anti hero painter or just a megalomaniac painter?

Be seeing you ;-)