mardi 25 novembre 2014



This time there's only pole and nobody else ;-)

Mikolaj TRABA the Archibishop of Poland
then the Goncza banner ( the yellow lithuanian cross on the blue field) with Jan of Tarnow

the same, more detailed

Be seeing you;-)

3 commentaires:

Monty Luhmann a dit…

So lovely! These just keep getting better and better, Gilles.

Are you aiming for a Combat of Thirty? ;-)

thefrenchjester a dit…

Hi Monty ,

there was only 51 polish banners at Grunwald, so still have some to paint;-)
and I have to paint my Hungarian, my Wallachian, my Albanian, my sea people , my Celts, my Spanish......;-)
ho and I forgot my 28mm Lybians,my sea people, my roman.....
too much unpainted lead, never enough time to buy more ;-)



Evan Hughes a dit…

Hi Gilles,

Just started following your blog, and I'm kicking myself at not having done so earlier. So much model-y goodness!

Keep up the good work!