vendredi 20 mars 2015

The triumphal Vth Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge !

Hi everyone,

The Vth Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is over now, congratulations to Curtis for his mastering management of the event and thanks to all the entrants for their participation and comments!
Visitors please follow the link below to see all the marvels presented this year!

now the pics of my last submission:
a pick and mix of the figures I needed to participate at some tournaments.
the Gladiators From Gripping Beast for JUGULA:
some close up:

then the late romans painted for Field of Glory ( more to follow......)

one more Battle group of Szeklers for my Mathias Corvinus hungarian black army

the Sumerian figures I recently repainted  to continue my " Give them a second life " project (yes a freaky long term wish!), the pictures of the old figures  I have painted many years ago; I peeled off their bases, "re-undercoated" directly on the varnish and repainted them before rebasing and flocking them.

The 15mm Essex Miniatures  Sumerian with few Chariot Miniatures mixed were painted in the late 90' on a black undercoat, after a white coat spray and a short time in "thefrenchjester's bath" (a brown wash bath in fact), some paint work later I have the command bases and all the carts done, the infantry will take more time, ;-)).

The final words are for the special troopers of the Thematic Byzantine 15mm Essex Miniatures range, the command figures are from Outpost Miniatures range;

I firstly undercoated them in white, tried a test figure painting = unsatisfied by the result!
then I undercoated them in black, tried a drybrush painting on one figure = still unsatisfied by my work!

so I tried a brown coat on the figures = No comment!!

after a break I decided to get back to a Black coat (after a fourth coat of spray I cannot still continue to speak of undercoat now!) and paint them in a more classical "Base+Highlight" painting.

now I will concentrate my work on the First french painting challenge "Le Défi Ludhibelliste Peinturlurliste", one great initiative of some french guys who work hard to promote our hobby in France, a second " défi" is already planned for this september:

This weekend my "Mathias Corvinus Hungarian black army" will fight in the German Open at Braubach near Coblence.

Be seeing you;-)

2 commentaires:

Monty Luhmann a dit…

Gilles! Hats off to you, good fellow. The challenge pushed you hard and you responded with both mouth watering quality and quantity too! I cannot pick a single favorite because there is so much great work here.

I hope you did well with your new army! I bet it wins best painted.

thefrenchjester a dit…

Lol !
painting addiction when you keep me;-)
I done very well in Brussels, but I missed the day in Germany, I have changed my army list and it was my mistake!but I enjoyed the weekend (good partners and good food).
there was no prize for the best painted army.
I'll do my best next time with a new combo;-)
more painted figures are coming soon....