lundi 3 août 2015

My USMC color chart:

Salut à Tous,

parce que Marco me l'a demandé, voici les couleurs que j'utilise pour peindre mes Marines, toutes les couleurs sont des références Citadel sauf quand c'est précisé:

Hi all,
on Marco's demand, here is my painting color chart I use for my Marines:


All the paints below are from the new citadel paint range except when stated

·        Undercoat: Black spray (GW)
·         Zenithal highlight: Caliban green spray (GW)
·         Flesh: bugman glow +Agrax shade +Cadian +Kislev+ Bloodletter glaze or Druchi violet to vary (diluted with water 1 per 10)
·         Uniform: Death world forest + Agrax shade +Nurgling green
·         Gaiters and helmet camo cover basecoat: Nurgling green + Agrax shade + Zandri dust
·         Covered helmet camo patches: Matt brown (Vallejo 984) + Flat Earth (Vallejo 983) and Waagh green + Nurgling green or straken green + dots of zandri dust
·         Uncovered helmets, Bazooka, mortar, grenades: Brown Violet (Vallejo 887) + drybrush of Zandri dust on helmet filet.
·         K-Bar scabbard, shoes and pistol holster: Rinox hide + Doombull brown + Agrax shade + Tusgor brown
·         Webbing: Tallarn sand + Agrax shade + Karak stone

·         Entrenching tool handle, weapon stocks: Mournfang brown + Agrax shade + Deathclaw brown
·         Blackened parts of weapons: Abbadon black + Skavenblight dinge

·         Matt varnish PEBEO 

     Be seeing you                               

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marco a dit…

Merci gilles !

thefrenchjester a dit…

de rien, si je peux faire plaisir:-)