samedi 31 octobre 2015

Pick and mix !

Hi all,

I show you today all the stuff I have painted this last days ( I should say nights ;-)) to finish some figures I had undercoated since a long time.

firstly the Indians from Xyston Miniatures, some were painted in august, in october I have painted 24 archers to complete the battle groups to play them in Field of Glory AM.

the sculpting is just great and very easy to paint!
some Essex Miniatures and Chariot Miniatures archers to use as support behind my Minoean spearmen

a camp for my Roman, the figures, the tents, the fortifications are also from Essex Miniatures

some dailamis for my dark ages Armies, Essex Miniatures figures with Littlebigmenstudio shields

I need to paint more figures to make room on the painting desk for the next projects.

Be seeing you;-)

vendredi 16 octobre 2015

Monty's 15mm painting method

Salut à Tous,
mon  ami Monthy explique sa méthode de peinture du 15mm et comment il transforme le plomb en bijoux.
Hi all,
my friend Monty is explaining how he changes lead to jewels with his method.
please follow this link below:

dimanche 11 octobre 2015

A step by step from the fabulous painter " Morterei masterclass"

Hi all,

follow the link below, Morterei the master painter is showing how he change plastics and lead in jewels!
he's a fabulous painter with an impressive style:

have a nice tour on his blog!

vendredi 9 octobre 2015

Steppes by Steppes!

Hi all,

a step by step to paint horses ( and men on them also).
1-you'll need a aera well ventilated and a paint mask, otherwise you'll be a victim of your hobby (your sickness in wife's language).
2-some spray cans of the different browns, yellow, sand, black,white, greys (fifty is too much).
3-a good number of prepared mounted figures
4-two good arms to shake the cans    
 few pics to illustrate it:

5-a stop in thefrenchjester's bath later
6-hairdryed to gain time
7-then after a short stay at the paint station
(I have painted them with Vallejo and citadel acrylics, paints for aero from Spectralite, Golden and schmincke plus a large use of brown inks from Liquitex).
the result in pics:

hope you'll like them;
more to follow soon.......