samedi 31 octobre 2015

Pick and mix !

Hi all,

I show you today all the stuff I have painted this last days ( I should say nights ;-)) to finish some figures I had undercoated since a long time.

firstly the Indians from Xyston Miniatures, some were painted in august, in october I have painted 24 archers to complete the battle groups to play them in Field of Glory AM.

the sculpting is just great and very easy to paint!
some Essex Miniatures and Chariot Miniatures archers to use as support behind my Minoean spearmen

a camp for my Roman, the figures, the tents, the fortifications are also from Essex Miniatures

some dailamis for my dark ages Armies, Essex Miniatures figures with Littlebigmenstudio shields

I need to paint more figures to make room on the painting desk for the next projects.

Be seeing you;-)

6 commentaires:

Phil a dit…

Les Indiens sont vraiment magnifiques!

marco a dit…

Et quel rythme
À ballain ?

marco a dit…

Et quel rythme
À ballain ?

thefrenchjester a dit…

Salut Marco,

à Ballainvilliers of course ;-)

Bien amicalement.

Monty Luhmann a dit…

Masterful painting, Gilles! Your Indians are my favorite with the beautiful ellies, banners and umbrellas. Good luck when you field them, my friend!

L'Empereur a dit…

Nous avions l'intension sortir Nos Indiens en tournoi un jour... mais là c'est compromis ! :-(