vendredi 9 octobre 2015

Steppes by Steppes!

Hi all,

a step by step to paint horses ( and men on them also).
1-you'll need a aera well ventilated and a paint mask, otherwise you'll be a victim of your hobby (your sickness in wife's language).
2-some spray cans of the different browns, yellow, sand, black,white, greys (fifty is too much).
3-a good number of prepared mounted figures
4-two good arms to shake the cans    
 few pics to illustrate it:

5-a stop in thefrenchjester's bath later
6-hairdryed to gain time
7-then after a short stay at the paint station
(I have painted them with Vallejo and citadel acrylics, paints for aero from Spectralite, Golden and schmincke plus a large use of brown inks from Liquitex).
the result in pics:

hope you'll like them;
more to follow soon.......

2 commentaires:

Monty Luhmann a dit…

That is brilliant, Gilles! Great work, my friend. I wondered if the Liquitex sprays were good and you showed me that it does.

thefrenchjester a dit…

Hi Monty,

be careful with their spray cans, they must be well shaked at least 2mn.
they are only useful to highlight a grey undercoat or a black one.
they are useless as a first undercoat.

I send to you a PM ( without a jeep ;-)).

All the best.