mardi 1 décembre 2015

The end of the 2nd Défi Ludhibelliste

Hi all,

this is the end of the 2nd Défi ludhibelliste peinturluriste, so I have to show what I have painted this last days.
some Xyston Miniatures from their great indian range to finish a battle group of Medium foot " The shiny hippie people", of course much more will follow...

then another batch of steppe cavalry for my project one hundred horses and one donkey to guide them on the field!", this time it is the mongols from Essex Miniatures and Donnington Miniatures, I'll paint many more of them very soon

 now I have to prepare my mind in view of the next Analogue Hobbies Challenge the sixth!
I'm not a number! I'm a free man!
Be seeing you;-)

4 commentaires:

marco a dit…

C'est bon ça !
Et bon challenge

marco a dit…

C'est bon ça !
Et bon challenge

Phil a dit…

Magnifiques figurines, mention spéciale à l'infanterie pour ma part...

thefrenchjester a dit…

merki ;-)