dimanche 31 janvier 2016

AHPC6 - 4ème post

Salut à Tous;
Hi every one,

Un mois de passé et un peu plus de  500 points peints sur le comptage (des corps) selon le mode de calcul des points du Challenge de Curt, j'ai du mal à tenir la moyenne comme dirait l'ami Fritz ;-)

one month is gone away and a little more than 500 points done according the method calculating the points on the Curt's Challenge, I have some trouble keeping the average speed of painting ;-).

this week it's time to complete the third squad of my WW2 USMC and a photo of all that I have painted for the moment, still have the support teams and more armour.
 I 'm unsatisfied by the brown camos and will rework them soon.

a few more mongols

and last but not least, the corsican javelinmen for my Early Carthaginian.
no real idea of what they looked to be, so I painted them  in a greco-etruscan style.
mainly converted Essex Miniatures with one Old Glory musician.

 stay tuned, more to follow.....

Be seeing you;-)

3 commentaires:

Phil a dit…

Encore du super boulot, ces javeliniers sont magnifiques!

marco a dit…

Très chouette gilles !

thefrenchjester a dit…

merki les gars.