jeudi 31 mars 2016

Thematic Byzantium is recruiting!

Hi everyone,

The Basileus is recruiting through his empire .
all the Themes are summoned to send troops, you 'll see below the first class cavalry of Macedon, anatolia, Cappadocia and some Alan mercenaries

the figures are from Essex Miniatures.

Be seeing you....

jeudi 17 mars 2016

Back log down!

Hi  everyone,

Sorry  this time only pics, the comments are on the 6th Analogue Hobbies  Challenge;-),the link is below:

Salut à tous,

désolé, cette fois seulement des photos, les commentaires sont sur le 3ème défi Ludhibelliste peinturluristique
en suivant le lien ci-dessous:

The Basileus

The subordinates

The command group
The kataphraktoï wedge

The staff slingers

The isaurian light foot

Be seeing you;-)

lundi 7 mars 2016

AHPC 6 9ème post et débût du 3ème défi

Hi All,

The 9th submission to the 6th Analogue Hobbies Challenge is on line now.
 I slowly catching up my "base and flock it!"  backlog this week, at least on my Chinese infantry.
These figures are from Essex Miniatures.  I painted them to replace some older ones I had painted previously.  The spears and halberds have been cut off and changed for plastic spears and I have added a banner from the excellent "Little Big Men" studios.

The main issue was to flock them like those I already based some years ago, so I could mix and match them on the table it if needed.

I also worked on more generic Chinese troops in case I want to play something different.  These are bowmen and crossbowmen. I'll paint the same skirmishers but with a brown base to use them in medieval settings too.

 To me, this is not a true "points bomb" because the painting was done during the  3 and 4 weeks ago.
I still have some biblical, hellenistic, carthaginian and generic renaissance troops waiting their turn in the queue as I try to finish basing.

But I did paint some figures this week - some Gauls with a new idea in mind, inspired by the magnificent figures of Miss Anne. Only it is on a more modest scale of course  - don't forget that I'm only a jester ;-)

I did a white undercoat and washed it in my mixture (the wash, known as "frenchjester's bath" is on my blog). Then I put a red glaze called Bloodletter (from Games Workshop) on the flesh areas. Once dry I highlighted here and there the skin with the Ungor Flesh  of Games Workshop, and added the details.

Here is the subject just below:

 Borix the Bard is a limited edition sculpted by Westwind Miniatures for a French friend of mine
(guess how much money he spent for the Kickstarters??) who play Gauls and all sorts of French armies all along the French history

 There are some conversions like heads and shields swaps among these warriors, the shields are inspired by the paintwork done on an Ancient British army by one of my paint masters the great Ian Speed. I find the " so fast" result  on the skins very interesting ( enough to self congratulations ;-)).
more of them will certainly follow...thanks a lot Anne!
if you've seen any improvement in my comments , it's only because my friend Greg is correcting my messages before submission ( thanks a lot Greg : -) ) .
Salut à Tous,
la flemme de tout traduire, alors je reprends les commentaires que j'ai mis sur les articles  du défi pour la VF.
Voici Borix le Barde, une figurine Westwind Miniatures qui m'a été offerte par mon ami Boris des Immortels de Paris Ouest.
Ce sera le chef de mes mercenaires celtes.
voici sa bande de celtes, c'est des figurines des différentes marques énoncées dans les libellés et j'ai changé quelques lances en plomb contre du poil de balai, changé des têtes et des boucliers pour varier un peu.
je les montre de près pour qu'on voit bien ce que j'ai expérimenté sur les chairs;
à partir d'une base blanche j'ai trempé les bandes de figurines dans mon "bain du frenchjester"(  ),une fois séchées au sèche-cheveux, j'ai posé au pinceau un glacis rouge (le bloodletter de Games Workshop) directement sur les zone de peau, j'ai ensuite éclairci sans trop de précision avec du Ungor Flesh de chez Games (c'est une couleur chair un peu orangée), restait plus que les détails à faire, un coup de vernis satiné Pébéo et hop c'est prêt à jouer!

je posterai un étape par étape sur mon blog à l'occas vu que j'ai pris des photos des figurines "TEST".
41 celtes pour l'instant, d'autres devraient suivre ......

Bonjour chez vous;-)