lundi 25 avril 2016

Where is my umbrella ??

Hi everyone,

now it's time to present the two subordinates of my great classical indian general, more Xyston command packs with a little work to cut off the head of the Porus figure and put a foot commander head to replace it.
take care of your eyes it's a little bit colourful;-)

 the "big"mouse pack ;-)
more to follow......

be seeing you;-)

dimanche 17 avril 2016

RAAJ against the machine!

Hi everyone,

a little post with a small addition for my Classical Indian project , at the beginning it was only a try to imitate a great french painter who put a tutorial in a french wargaming magazine, I recently reworked on the carpets of the commander's base and the flocking to match the footmen I have done some time ago.
this week I have painted the cavalrymen for the french painting challenge"le 3ème Défi".

so here they are:

hope you'll like them.

be seeing you.....